World is watching a new investments boom in the internet business. Loud success stories of Google, Facebook, Yandex and many other companies have become a model and main motivation of investment in new and new startups. The outcome of such an investment is approximately the following: 2 out of 10 startups are successful, yet 2-3 are on the fringes on the level of a break-even point, and the remaining go bankrupt.

In our view, this is yet quite a hopeful picture, which is real only in case if a more or less professional team is competing for a start-up, otherwise success is met by one startup from one hundred.

From the point of view of efficiency of investing in the internet, a successful startup is able to give profit multiple times more than an investment. Thus, 1-2 successful startups out of 10 fully repay all investments and provide a high income.

For us startups are an old good interesting area of work, with which we have been successful. Twelve-year work experience, permanent learning process make our company "an experienced innovator". In creating startups we use the best technology and experienced IT professionals. The timing of the establishment of startups is from 6 to 18 months.

Business ideas adopted for the implementation of the are effective in 100% of the cases. Certainly the support and promotion of effective ideas can vary - sometimes the idea is progressing, sometimes not. It is for that reason that we look at the startups created by us in the long term dividing them not by quality ideas, which are carefully selected and a priori are effective, but by the level of their further administration:

easy to administrate

of average difficulty to administrate

difficult to administrate

in the second and the third cases our company undertakes development of a management structure, as well as writes out position responsibilities of staff.

In this way, we provide a full range of services for the development, creation, administration consulting services for startups, which provides a reliable and cost-effective investment in created by us resources.

The minimum level of investment, with which we are working, is 70,000 US dollars.

Details of each startup and the terms of cooperation are specified at a personal meeting.

Work with our own as well as with ideas of others.

Sincerely hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!