Creating of portals

Experience of creating of portals - 6 years now!

We can create portals "under the key" in the price range from 50 000 to 2 000 000$ except for selecting an effective team for its support and promotion - in this aspect we limit ourselves to describing a necessary personnel structure and writing their job responsibilities. We work with ideas of customers, as well as can offer their ideas to forward-looking portals.

Our experience in creation of portals has its origins in 2006 when we created a portal for the financial market of the country of Ukraine. The Portal was successfully launched in operation, and passed the first stage of monetization. Still exists. 

In 2009 there started work on development of the portal "The election of the President of the 2010." - President2010.infо. The portal after the launch onto the market of Ukraine literally for 3 months of the election campaign has collected an audience of more than 250,000 visitors and had about 800 000 views. Now the portal is moved to an archive mode, but is still visited and the number of its views has already exceeded 1 000 000. At the time of the elections, the portal was in TOP-50 of the most frequented media of Ukraine according to the rating Bigmir)net.

In the future, the development of the portal "The election of the President 2010" continued, it was supplemented and refined into the first Ukrainian political portal - Pоlitiсum.prо, which till the middle of January 2012 worked in mode of a news political resource, and since July 2012, would resume its work including covering parliamentary elections 2012.

In 2011 there was developed and launched in operation the information-search resource of a services market of Ukraine "Aviti" - The portal was launched in operation, underwent the first stage of monetization. At present a selection of team for its further development takes place.