Marketing and Advertising



Our company conducts a comprehensive marketing research (analysis) in all industries.

On the basis of the marketing research (analysis), we calculate:

1. Advertising campaigns

2. Marketing jobs

Steps of marketing analysis:

1. Analysis of a business-process of the customer, specifics of products or services, competitive advantages, the planned expansion of assortment and the priority of products‘ positions or services. 2. Market Research: of its major trends, competitive situation, marketing factors of the environment.

3. Analysis of competitors: of their market activity, competitive advantages, and other characteristics, detailed comparison of sites (distinctive features, ways to demonstrate competitive advantages, interaction with the target audience, main functionality)

4. Study of consumers: segmentation of the market, selection and prioritizing of target groups, a portrait of a target consumer.

5. Comprehensive audit of an existing Internet-resource customer.

6. The development of strategies and recommendations to build a business of the customer on the Internet (regarding the web site and promotion).

Advertising campaigns are being carried out in the areas:

1. Resource Optimization for search systems - SEO

2. CTA

3. Media advertising (advertising on advertising sites)

4. Media advertising (advertising in banner networks)

5. Progress in social media - SMM

6. Registerating of a resource in ratings and directories

7. Advertising in price exchanges

8. Advertising on posting boards

9. Advertising in newsletters

10. PR (forums, feedback, commentaries)

11. PR (news, articles, reviews, blogs)

12. Other types of - the "Sponsor of the section", "Menu item" and so forth.

A marketing job allows you to:

1. Develop a visual design concept and site structure meeting the following requirements:

- the most effective interaction with the target audience;

- the emphasis on competitive advantages oft he company;

- a creation of the right image of your business by the formation of the corresponding associations at visitors of the site;

- an increase in the number of conversions and time held at the site;

- a formation of user loyalty and increase in the number of repeat visits to the site.