It Consulting

We conduct consulting in the following areas:

- goals and objectives when creating the web site;

- defining the target audience of the site;

- objective assessment of competitors sites, their positions in the market and the prospects for the customer;

- model selection for the web site ­- site structure and navigation;

- development of a technical job;

- promotion of the project on the Internet;

- proposals for future development of the site;

- conduct of an integrated audit of the site.


Within the management consulting a comprehensive audit of the site is conducted ­­- a system of tests to determine the effectiveness of an internet resource, which includes the following areas:


Technical audit of the site includes:


Analysis of the hosting – this is check of its security, stability, availability and speed.

Analysis of a domain name - an analysis of its uniqueness, protection capabilities, ease of writing and remembering, compliance with a theme of the site, etc.

Site security analysis – this is search for vulnerable places at the site, analysis of information security from loss and theft, exposure to malicious attacks and failures in work.

Analysis of the site’s software code (purity of the code) - an analysis of site technologies from the point of view of their up-to-dateness, ease of use and compliance with requirements of search systems. Outdated, unreliable technology may make it harder for users to work and can cause problems with search engine optimization, affecting the position in the search engine ranking.


Site performance analysis - includes stress testing of the site where a check is conducted for the maximum number of users who can simultaneously have access to the Internet resource. And sustainability analysis of the site is a check of its work and data integrity in the extreme and emergency situations.

Analysis of the site administration system (СМS) – of its convenience and functionality, ease to add and management of the content of the site.

Analysis of the statistics collection system is an analysis of the effectiveness of the existing system for collection of the site statistics and correctness of its settings, of how accurately it reflects the basic rates of attendance: unique visits, traffic sources, time of a visit, a number of pages viewed, etc.


Structural analysis (an analysis of the content with taking into account search engine optimization) – this is a study of the site content, density of keywords, consistency with other rules of search engine optimization, interdigitate content. This will allow you to put the site higher in the search engine ranking, will increase the flow of target visitors, and the interdigitate content will keep a user on the site, increasing the number of pages viewed by him and time spent on the resource.


Marketing audit (an analysis of usability and from a commercial point of view) - includes an analysis of convenience of use of the site, effectiveness of the interaction with the target audience, effectiveness of presenting the competitive advantages of the company and other aspects that affect the commercial effectiveness of the internet resource. This will increase the number of conversions on the site (eg. sales), time spent on the site, increase customer loyalty of users (repeat sales and entries to the web site), improve a company's image.


Basing on the results of the audit, a set of recommendations is developed to address the deficiencies and improve the efficiency of the internet resource.